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Like so many people, we love reading and talking about books -- not just the characters and stories but all that goes into making them into a reality. In our minds eye, we see Ernest Hemingway or Virginia Woolf dutifully pecking away at a manual typewriter somewhere until they emergee triumphantly with a pristine manuscript that is immediately published, purchased, and lauded by millions.

The reality is often quite different and the establishment of eBooks, mobile phones, e-readers, social networks, and ubiquitous Internet access affords new opportunities while raising the bar on reader expectations.

We saw this and recognized that every book has become an increasingly complex little enterprise, so we built LitHive to empower writers and publishing teams to simply and efficiently assemble, manage, market, and sell their books and other digital content while keeping critical technical and business details under control.

We do this by helping readers to discover your books and to connect with others who want to discuss them. We also help you to discover new readers, gain insights about their interests and needs, and give you the means to directly engage them in an ongoing conversation both today and in the future.

Meet Our Team

I am the Hivemaster of LitHive and an avid reader and a passionate fan of biographies, histories, and science fiction and fantasy literature in particular.  I love books --  both the old fashioned tree-based version and the new-fangled electronic variety. In spite of owning enough electronic devices to occupy a small family of octopuses, I tend to read most often on my trusty phone.  I love old book stores and elaborate bookshelves and somehow still manage to own far more books than I could possibly ever read given any reasonable life expectancy.I am an alumus of UC Berkeley (Go Bears!) and The Wharton School of Business.  When I am not reading a great story, carrying out my hivemaster duties, or being a family man, I work at Skype.


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Deon Booker

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